Day: August 6, 2017

  • We pay homage to NM beer

    We pay homage to NM beer

    We’ve always made beer soap for personal use. It’s one of our favorites because it is super moisturizing. The high desert wind can do a number on your skin so we need a soap that will both nourish and soothe. We’d make beer soap and give samples to our friends to try . Everyone loved it…especially the ones with skin […]

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We are a family owned business who found themselves with a mountain of beeswax from our hives in Cuyamungue, NM.  A Native Texan with 5 generations of family history firmly rooted in the botanically diverse thickets of East Texas, the idea to combine our love of plants with our grandmothers and mothers’ homemade healing concoctions was born out of necessity as much as out of a need to honor our heritage.


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